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“Wellness is a luxury. I want to make wellness easily attainable through food, products, space and intent. It does not need to be overly costly or take too much time. Wellness comes from around us; the type of food to fuel and nourish the body, the right headspace to fill healthy thoughts with, a comfortable environment to recharge and reconnect with ourselves or loved ones. 


I design all my business concepts and spaces to integrate mindfulness and community from wholesome food, products, service and ambience. I want the space and concepts to also be an enabler — empowering community leaders to come together and connect through their passion and hobbies in an inclusive space.” 


Founder / Group CEO

Cassandra Riene Tan

The Well Group - Manifesto

Here's to the passionate ones.

The romantics and food lovers who crave new experiences and flavors.

The spiritual seekers who prioritize self-care,

self-discovery and balance.

The growth champions who strive for continuous self-improvement and progress.


They're the dark horses,

the silent rebels,

the outliers who challenge the norms.

The round pegs in the square holes

who see things differently.


You can agree or disagree with them, but one thing is for sure: you cannot ignore them.

Because they change the game.


They create innovative recipes and spaces.

They discover new paths and redefine the meaning to live well. They bring people together and create new communities.

Some may label them as crazy, but we see brilliance.

For it's the ones who are crazy enough to believe they can make a difference who truly do.


They imagine, they experiment, they take risks.


So here's to the crazy ones,

the romantics and food lovers,

the spiritual seekers,

the growth champions.


May you continue to dream big, create, and inspire others to join you in changing the world, one space, one connection and one step at a time.

Modified and Rewritten 

from Apples's Think Different Ad

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