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Takahashi aims to be an oasis of tranquility that offers an exceptional fine dining Omakase experience, right in the heart of Singapore.

Embodied and envisioned by the luminary Chef Jun Takahashi, be among the first to take the step into his first ever International outpost, with his namesake.


Helmed by skilled Head Chef Rinto Sasagawa, Takahashi's dedicated protégé of eight years, Takahashi is a sanctuary that marries the refined elegance of traditional Omakase dining with the serene simplicity of Zen and the purposeful joy of Ikigai.

In partnership with The Well Group, Takahashi is more than just a fine dining restaurant. It is a space that serves as a harmonious retreat where diners are invited to unwind and connect with their senses, against a backdrop of sublime culinary artistry.

At Takahashi, we invite you to experience the harmony of exquisite food and mindful dining. Embrace the elegance of fine dining as you unearth the soulful essence of Japan, one exquisite bite at a time.

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